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The Importance Of Providing Facts Our Readers

At Matt Wieters Facts, we believe that when it comes to running a website that offers content for other’s consumption, it is important to provide readers with solid facts. There are many benefits to this, including these:

What We Believe In

There is no way that people will continue to head to our content once they lose trust in us and our words. If we are knowingly offering erroneous information and people find out, we have broken trust; there is no way for us to gain that back. This means they will head elsewhere for what they need.

Our Expert Status

Being perceived as an expert in our niche is essential for those who are looking to establish their brand. While being trustworthy and honest is great, having everyone come to us for solutions to their problems will solidify our position. Offering facts is one of the first steps to we prove that we are experts.

Solidify Our Reputation

Imagine being seen as a laughingstock in your industry. This happens to many who offer information that has been proven to be less than truthful. For instance, there is an entertainment blog everyone used to visit to learn all of the latest celeb news. After reporting that a famous singer was pregnant several times and no baby came, they started to be seen as a joke.

These days, the same blog is ridiculed for their mistakes, even though they have offered reasonably trustworthy information since. This goes to show how damaging it can be if you are not factual when creating content.

Sometimes the truth is not very exciting, so people try embellishing; this is never a great idea. This is the reason why at Matt Wieters Facts, we focus on facts and embellishing.

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