10 Facts That Changed the SEO USA Industry Since 2010 & 09

10 Facts That Changed the SEO USA Industry Since 2010 & 09

If you are just getting into marketing with SEO, you may not realize how much it has changed over the years. This is particularly the case in the United States where there has been a significant amount of updates that have been made to algorithms which have made ranking even more challenging. However, it is also true that savvy marketers have noticed these changes and have adapted to them, sharing them with people on the web. Here are ten facts that have changed the SEO industry since 2010 in the USA, and how you can use this information to improve your ability to rank on the search engines.

The Panda Algorithm

It was back in 2011 when the Panda update began. It started looking for good content. There were many services and software programs that were able to produce content by scraping other people’s websites and rank those pages in top positions. To prevent this from happening, and to also remove sites that used this tactic, the Panda algorithm was created. It caused many people to go out of business overnight and has also prompted people to modify the way they make content so they can get top listings that will last.

The Penguin Algorithm

This was another update that happened a year later. It is the Penguin update that also changed the lives of many people. It was possible to generate thousands of backlinks in the span of just a few days, and this could boost people to the top of the search engines. Google created the Penguin algorithm, and as a result of doing this, millions of pages suddenly were no longer at the top of the search engine listings for targeted keywords. It became necessary to modify the type of links that you are sending to your website, ensuring that you were able to achieve top listings once again. These links can only come from quality sites, preferably from niches that were similar to your own. Although this may have seemed like a problem, it has created an entirely new industry called private blog networks.

The Advent Of PBNs

This is something that people may have never tried, at least on a large scale, until the Penguin update came out. To get quality backlinks, instead of trying to build them on your own and worrying about what the search engine algorithms will do, you only buy an expired domain and start placing your content on those. Millions of these come available throughout the year, some of which are precious. You could put a post on your expired domain website, and in a matter of minutes, get a top listing.

Changes In Local Business Displays

On Google, where they show the local listings, they now only present three of the top companies. However, after you click on one, you can see the rest. It just streamlines the process of allowing people to see just three advertisements that will only take up a small portion of the page above the fold. This gives room for regular advertisements, and also organic listings, which makes it all much tidier for those searching for specific information.

Mobile Prioritization For Searches

Apple created this industry, to some degree, because of the popularity of smartphones. You are now able to get multiple listings on the search engines for website and mobile listings. The website may be the same, but due to the template or theme that is used, it will convert the page into one that can be seen on PCs or mobile devices. This is true for tablet computers as well which must have entirely different dimensions, and it will help you sell more of your products by making these various versions available.

The Hummingbird Update

This update was not as bad as the others. It occurred in 2013. Many people believe it was a complete overhaul of the entire search engine system itself. This is specifically on Google, and they decided to start looking at keywords differently. However, despite this, it still does not affect local listings or longtail listings which only do not get processed in the same way through this algorithm.

Algorithm Updates Have Slowed Down

Make sure to watch the video below to understand how things work. If not, please get in touch with us here. We will do our best to guide you and help you make the right decision.

The Knowledge Graph

This is another update that was done which provides clear answers for people that are making a quick search on the Internet. If you use Google, you will see these concise answers displayed at the top without having to go to any websites. Some people that are optimizing their websites will try not to address very simple keywords that would have an easy answer. This would be a waste of their time, primarily because no one would be going to any website because Google has already provided the information.

The SERP Overhaul

The way that your search engine results are displayed is also changing on a consistent basis. Some of this has already been mentioned. However, it has to do with small changes, ones that are barely noticeable, that only savvy marketers are going to be aware of. These changes may not directly affect your ability to rank, but it certainly changes the way that people see the page. It may motivate them to not click on your link as they did before, or it may prompt them to click twice as much. It just depends on what the changes have done which is part of their ongoing testing.

Video Marketing

One final thing to notice is that video marketing has expanded in a couple of different ways. It has become more popular as a result of being able to share your videos on Facebook, and it is also easier to rank on the search engines using videos. If you have a YouTube account, and you are trying to rank on Google, this is one of the best ways to get fast rankings. This is something that has been easy to do, but more than ever before, this seems to be one of the best ways to market your products and services.

These ten facts that have changed the SEO industry since 2010 in the USA have had an impact the way that people market they sell. You still need a website, and you still need to get backlinks, but the rules have changed dramatically. By taking into account these ten changes, you should be able to make modifications to your marketing campaigns so that you can generate more traffic.


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