How to build a shed

how to build a shed

Some constructions are so simple to build that we can easily solve them by ourselves. Thanks to this, functional elements will quickly appear on our property or at home, the construction costs of which will be small. This can also be the case for the tool shed, which we lack in the garden.

Build a shed on a good foundation

The basis will be the creation of solid foundations. It would not be nice if your building began to tilt after a few weeks or collapsed after a strong wind. At the beginning of the garden shed construction, the area under the plot must be designated. The most convenient and easiest way is to put the pegs in the right places and connect them with a string. Then you can proceed to the implementation of the base, i.e. concrete foundation alloys. They are embedded in the ground to a depth of 70-80 cm at intervals of not more than 1 m and masoned on cement mortar. They should be three times larger than the surface of the shed construction post. Metal anchors or profiles are fastened in them and a wooden structure is mounted. Poured foundations must dry out for several days.

shed building

Materials for building a shed

At the design stage, specify what materials will be needed for construction. After all, the cost of future construction depends on them. The budget option is considered the construction of a wooden or metal frame.

In the first case, the frame is made of wood, which requires treatment with special antiseptics. In the second – from the more durable steel-shaped pipes that require corrosion treatment after installation.

Regardless of your preferences, you will need boards, siding or professional sheets for construction. The undeniable advantage of the frame construction is not only the speed of installation and long life, but also the ability to transform the isthmus by replacing the skin without touching the frame.

The most popular buildings are made of scrap metal such as boards and wooden beams. Construct a skeleton covered with boards from the rod. The result is a lightweight but not durable construction that lasts five to six years. The building should be constantly updated and monitored for its condition.

Measuring stage

Let’s start building by measuring and cutting boards, boards, joists and square beams. Depending on the advancement of the structure, let’s first make the floor and walls. Corner squares can be based on concrete posts and special fittings screwed to them, which will strengthen the skeleton. The easiest way is to make a simple tool shed adhering to the building on one side – the house or garage. Then we can break three or even only two walls and make a simple tin roof. Level the earth, cover it with geotextile and pour grits onto it, which must be compacted later.The floor will also be made of concrete or pallets. The skeleton with the floor can also be completely knocked out of wood and put on bricks so that it does not stick directly to the ground.



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