How to make Apple ID?

how to make apple id

An Apple ID account allows you to personalize the online shopping process in the Apple Store. Creating an Apple / Apple ID account allows you to access those Apple online resources that require proof of identity. By using an Apple / Apple ID account, you can access your order history from the Apple Store and your self-service website. How to make Apple ID?

Creating an Apple ID account during device setup

  1. Tap Forgot password or “you don’t have Apple ID?”.
  2. Tap Create free Apple ID.
  3. Choose your date of birth and enter your name. Tap Next.
  4. Tap Use current email address or Free iCloud email address.
iphone apple id

Create an Apple ID account in the App Store on your device

  1. Open the App Store and tap the profile picture.
  2. Tap Create new Apple ID. If you don’t see this option, make sure you are logged out of iCloud.
  3. Enter your email address and password, and then select the country or region that matches your billing address. The email address you provide will be your new Apple ID *.
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions and Apple’s privacy policy, then tap Accept Terms. Tap Next.
  5. Enter your name and date of birth, and then, if you want, tap the Apple subscription upgrade option. With updates, you have access to the latest information, programs, products and services from Apple. Tap Next.
  6. Enter your credit card information and billing information, and then tap Next. You can also select the None option and learn what to do if the None option is missing or cannot be selected. The card will not be charged until you make a purchase. You can change or delete your payment information later.
  7. Confirm phone number. This step will help you verify your identity and recover your account in the future if necessary. Tap Next.
  8. You will receive a verification message from Apple with instructions to verify your email address to your email address.

Sign in with an Apple ID

Use the same data – Apple ID username and password – every time you log in to your device or Apple service. 

An Apple ID account allows you to:

  • Sign in with your Apple ID when setting up your new device to automatically configure all Apple services.
  • Logging in to iCloud to update personal content on all devices.
  • Logging in to the iTunes Store, Apple Books, and App Store to make purchases and access previous purchases.
  • Log in to iMessage and FaceTime1 to chat and exchange text messages with friends and family.
  • Use the Log In with an Apple Account feature to log in to applications and websites using your existing Apple ID.



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